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Shuguang Cui
Ph.D. (Stanford University)
Research Field:Data Analytics and Information System


Zhi-Quan Luo
Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Research Field:Optimization Methods for Big Data Analytics, Complexity and Computational Issues Arising from Signal Processing, Digital Communication 


Changwen Chen
Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Research Field:Cloud Mobile Media, Social Mobile Media, Mobile Virtual Reality, Wireless Communications and Network, 3D Video Coding and Transmission


Wenye Li
Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Research Field:Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Convex Optimization, Probabilistic Inference


Xiaoguang Han
Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (The University of Hong Kong)
Research Field:Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Medical image analysis, Machine Learning


Bowen Zhou
Ph.D. (The University of Colorado Boulder)
Research Field:Human Language Technologies, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence


Xiaodong He
Ph.D. (The University of Missouri – Columbia)
Research Field:Deep Learning, Natural Language, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Representation


Tao Mei
Ph.D. (The University of Science and Technology of China)
Research Field:Computer Vision,  Multimedia Analysis


Jinfeng Yi
Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
Research Field:Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics